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Military Veterans



From now until Labor Day we will be offering free x-rays and exams to all veterans!


With input from our community we will select candidates to receive FREE care!

Our target is to provide $50,000 of FREE treatment this year!


Independent studies show that people with healthy teeth and gums live longer, like up to 10 years longer! This is because many medical conditions have been linked back to dental problems - medical conditions such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes and many others. Our purpose is to extend people’s lives through healthy teeth and gums, while also taking trauma out of dentistry and making "going to the dentist" fun and easy. Where better for us to help than with our veterans, who have had enough trauma and been through so much?!?!?!

We want them around for their families, and their families' family!

And it isn't just "bad teeth". Some people have a compromised quality of life because they can't chew or smile comfortably, missing out on social events because of being too embarrassed to smile -- or just unable to chew a big, delicious steak! We specialize in fixing this, and are going to extend our help to our veterans. FOR FREE!

We need your help! If you know of a well-deserving veteran that would like to improve their quality of life for themselves and their family while increasing their confidence to smile, eat and laugh, please contact BLU or Salvatore Dental!

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