2nd Annual Blue Line First Responders Top Shot Challenge
Oct 03, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT
Team SWAT Range
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         2nd Annual Blue Line First Responder Top Shot Challenge will be hosted by Saratoga Weapons And Tactical's new Team SWAT Range Located at 1344 Hwy 29, Galway NY. This is a shooting event that will consist of several stages of steel plate shooting. The stages will include but not limited to steel plate racks, steel poppers, Smoke and Hope, and the Texas Star. Each team will consistof  up to 6 team members and will require a minimum of 4 to participate. But be careful as these are timed stages and the 2 highest times will be dropped and the four best times will be aggregated together. If you have only 4 team members then you will be at a disadvantage, especially if one of the team members get DQ'd! All teams must be active or retired LE or First Responders (this includes military vets too).

           All semi-auto handguns will be allowed in calibers 9MM, .357 SIG, .40 and .45 only! Revolvers will be limited to .357 Magnum. No red dot, RMR, Reflex sights allowed! There are no restrictions on holsters other than the obvious, must hold firearm securely and trigger covered!

       *******Practiscore registration signup is also required, Practiscore is going to be used to list all event scoring and will allow each participant to monitor all event scores.  If you participated in last years event you already created a user account for practiscore, if you a first time shooter to our event you will be required to create an account.