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          Blue Line First Responder Top Shot Challenge will be hosted by SaraSpa Rod and Gun Club. This is a shooting event that will consist of several stages of steel plate shooting. The stages will include butnot limited to steel plate racks, steel poppers, Smoke and Hope, and the Texas Star. Each team will consist up to 6 team members and will require a minimum of 4 to participate. But be careful as these are timed stages and the 2 highest times will be dropped and the four best times will be aggregated together. If you have only 4 team members then you will be at a disadvantage, especially if one of the team members get DQ'd! All teams must be active or retired LE or First Responders.

           All semi-auto handguns will be allowed in calibers 9MM, .357 SIG, .40 and .45 only! Revolvers will be limited to .357 Magnum. No red dot, RMR, Reflex sights allowed! There are no restrictions on holsters other than the obvious, must hold firearm securely and trigger covered!

            All team members will be required to sell 5 x $20 raffle tickets to participate, or purchase the tickets themselves. This event is will be supported by the funds raised by the raffle tickets as well as by our gracious sponsors.

           The registrant is required to sell or purchase all 5 of the $20 Raffle tickets (for prizes worth over $2200) or they can choose to make $50 donation to the Blue Line United charity. All shooters will be provided breakfast and lunch free of charge thanks to our sponsors.

          *******Practiscore registration signup is also required, this is where you will pay the $10 entry fee, Practiscore is going to be used to list all event scoring and will allow each participant to monitor all event scores. 




• All guns are always loaded.

• Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.

• Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target.

• Identify your target, and what is behind it.


Unsafe firearm handling will result in immediate Disqualification (DQ) from a match. The following is a nonexclusive list of unsafe behaviors.

A. Endangering any person, including yourself. This includes sweeping one’s self or anyone else with a loaded or unloaded firearm. Sweeping is defined as allowing the muzzle of the firearm (loaded or unloaded) to cross or cover any portion of a person. Exception: Some body types combined with some holster types makes it almost impossible to holster a firearm or remove the firearm from the holster without sweeping a portion of the shooter’s lower extremities. Thus, a match Disqualification is not applicable for sweeping of the shooter’s own body below the belt while removing the firearm from the holster or holstering of the firearm, provided that the shooter’s trigger finger is clearly outside of the trigger guard. However, once the muzzle of the firearm is clear of the holster on the draw, sweeping any part of the body is a Disqualification. Example: Sweeping one’s leg on a seated start is a DQ.

B. Pointing the muzzle beyond designated “Muzzle Safe Points” if used, or beyond the 180-degree Muzzle Safe Plane if used.

C. Intentionally engaging (discharging the firearm) anything other than a target or an activator.

D. A discharge: a. in the holster. b. striking up range of the shooter. c. into the ground downrange closer to the shooter than 2 yards, unless engaging a low target that is within 2 yards. d. over a berm. e. during Load And Make Ready, Unload and Show Clear, Reload, or Malfunction Clearance. f. before the start signal. g. while transferring a firearm from one hand to the other. h. while handling a firearm except at the firing line.

E. Removing a firearm from the holster, unless: a. With verbal instruction from a SO. b. While engaging targets in a CoF under the direct supervision and visual contact of a SO. c. When in a designated “Safe Area”.

F. Pointing the muzzle over the berm during the “Pull the Trigger” portion of Unload and Show Clear.

G. Drawing a firearm while facing up range. 2.3 Dropping A Firearm 2.3.1 Dropping a loaded or unloaded firearm or causing it to fall, during Load And Make Ready, the shooting of a string or stage, reloads or malfunction clearance or during Unload and Show Clear will result in disqualification from the match. If a shooter drops a firearm, the SO will immediately give the command “Stop”. The SO will pick up/recover the dropped firearm and render it safe and unloaded before returning it to the shooter. The shooter will be disqualified from the match. If a shooter drops a loaded or unloaded firearm or causes it to fall within a stage boundary, the shooter is disqualified from the match.

With the exception of revolvers with open cylinders, HIGH MUZZLE RELOADS ARE PROHIBITED. Please keep muzzles below the top of the berms on the ranges.